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* Back some 15 months ago this site was a project in the making and the information on the site was not examined for spelling or syntax due to it being a work in progress. The project was put on the back burner until today when it was brought to Dr. Barone's attention that it was actually on the internet without him knowing it was available for viewing. Thanks to this project being brought back to Dr. Barone's attention it is now being updated for use in his teaching. A real all out military thanks to all those that assisted with bringing this dormant project back to Dr. Barone's attention.

    Dr. Barone always says:

    "It is amazing what someone can accomplish when they spend their time on the internet going to school, researching, writing, and learning instead of surfing the net."

The primary mission of Barone Consulting is, and has been, to provide legal and law enforcement education, teaching, and training for local, county, state, federal, and international law enforcement personnel, along with university students. This tradition has been carried on now for almost 4 decades.

​​ Barone consulting has also created numerous on-ground and online courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels that have been and are used in bachelor and masters programs at several universities across the United States.  

In​​ addition to providing various type of training and assessment for law enforcement Dr. Barone is now available to provide expert consultation and assessment of police policies and procedures, death investigations, crime scene investigations, and police use of force and shooting cases. 

Dr. Barone, Barone Consulting and Hutton - Barone Consulting are available for case assessments in both the criminal and civil areas and can provide both in depth case assessments and forensic psychological profiling. ​​


    He is a criminal justice professional who has been in the criminal justice field since 1975 by beginning his sworn law enforcement career in the state of New Jersey.

    He is currently a University Professor at the Graduate and Undergrduate levels. He is a part time Deputy Sheriff/Law Enforcement Instructor, and a Major Crimes Felony Prosecutor.

    He has been a certified Law Enforcement Instructor since 1983 where he attended the Police Instructors Certification Course while working for the Metro-Dade Police Department in Florida.

    He has been a licensed and practicing attorney and legal consultant since 1992.

    He has been a graduate and undergraduate professor since 1996.

    He spent 31 years as a counterintelligence officer and was activated for
    9-11. He was a special agent and is currently in the retired reserves. He was an EOD Tech and in Special Operations Command at McDill AFB in Tampa.

    He has worked as a counterintelligence special agent in the Middle East while working for the Department of the Army.

    Why should you request assistance or consultation from Prof. Barone ?

    If you go to the BIO page of this particular website you will have the opportunity to read the Biographical Summary of Professor Peter A. Barone for yourself and make your assessment as to why you will definitely want to speak with him pertaining to issues you might be having which are directly relating to training and education challenges. 

     A Biographical Summary is on the next page which will provide more information detailing some of the issues, cases, and experiences Prof. Barone has been involved in through out his career and allow you to see the wide spectrum of criminal justice investigative and prosecution investigations and issues he has been involved in which has contributed to amassing his expereience and expertise.
Professor, Dr. Peter A. Barone, Esq., Ph.D., LL.M, JD., MSM, CPP
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